Media analysis

The aim here is to go beyond mapping your company’s media image, personalities and subject areas based on all outputs for a given period (i.e. where and how they write about you) to proposing how this can be improved from a long-term perspective.

A detailed analysis can uncover connections we do not see in the everyday working hustle and bustle, such as the thematic focus of your outputs and the positive, neutral or negative tone each conveys. The resulting document constitutes a solid basis for setting up a new PR strategy. So, what can I specifically offer you in this area?

  • detailed analysis of all your outputs for a selected period
  • an overview of journalists who most frequently write about you
  • determination of your or your company’s standing in the media in comparison with competitors
  • an answer to the question as to the reputation you have in the media, whether you are communicating with the right target groups, and if your PR strategy is set up well
  • the option to prepare a media analysis of the competition, in which you will
    1. obtain an overview about what and where your competition communicates
    2. learn what journalists most frequently write about them
    3. find out who appears the most frequently in the media

Reuters: How energy security concerns are powering surge in EV use

An article by the respected UK journalist Oliver Balch (Guardian, Financial Times) on how energy security is encouraging an increase in the use of EVs. He used several quotes from Juraj Ulehla, CEO of Voltia.

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Etrel: top provider of e-mobility solutions from Slovenia

After long negotiations we managed to acquire a new international client - the Slovenian company Etrel, which is the leading provider of intelligent charging solutions. Successful in a number of countries (40+) all around the globe.

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