Mentoring (personal coaching)

I provide personal mentoring upon request to anyone working with the media. During our meetings, I will pass on to you some of the experience I have gained through many years of work. I will teach you how effectively to use certain PR practices and achieve more positive media coverage of your projects. Having your own, personal advisor in the communications area creates the opportunity for you to see things in a different way while increasing both your own visibility and that of your team’s work.

A mentor’s support can help you to develop key communication skills that will be reflected in greater certainty and assertiveness in business relationships and when dealing with journalists. We can move the public perception of you to a higher level through effective mentoring.

Mobility revolution puts Brussels under pressure

Exclusive comments from Caen Contee, VP and co-founder of Lime, the US e-scooter startup, to Brussels-based Politico. His company is deploying now the bright green shared e-bikes and e-scooters across Europe.

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Slovak women buy what is the best for them, said Maresova

Interview with Anna Maresova, one of the most important and award-winning product designers in the Czech Republic, for Radio Slovakia Intl about the upcoming expansion to Slovakia, Germany and the UK.

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