Media training

Speaking with the media or at a conference might seem easy, but, if you must communicate the key message quickly and clearly, it can be difficult. That is why I recommend media training to clients. Its purpose is to prepare the given expert or company representative not only for personal meetings with journalists, but also for appearances in audio-visual media and at conferences.

Not only will you learn the basic principles of how the media function (why to appear in them, how to stay there, what journalists want, and basic forms of communication), in particular you will receive time-proven tips on how to handle radio, television or telephone interviews. I focus on working with the voice, facial expressions, gestures and body language. In addition, we will go through the risks of communicating with journalists, and I will show you how to mitigate or even overcome these.

The training consists not just of counselling, but especially of simulating real situations which you may face in meetings with journalists, for example:

  • interviews on camera
  • cross dialogues
  • contributing to a broadcast via telephone
  • press conferences
  • panel discussions, and more

Journalists are experienced in what they do, and by conducting the interview in a certain way, they can obtain information you may not wish to share. We will prepare for this together so that you obtain sufficient perspective even in tense situations.

An on-camera test is also a part of media training. I conclude the entire training with an evaluation and recommendations on how to maintain what you have acquired. The client should leave with the ability to successfully present himself or herself to the media along with a given topic that he or she has prepared. Group media training can also be organized. Based on my experience, I recommend that the number of training participants not exceed three.

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