PR strategy

PR strategy is a defined set of guidelines for how to present yourself to the public and to build positive awareness of your brand in pursuit of company objectives. To make this possible, we need to decide together on communications objectives – about how you want to be perceived in the market.

I know from my own experience that a proposed strategy can be realized only after the client truly and internally identifies with it. This is a living document that can be adjusted over time according to changing needs. So, how can I help you? Based on your inputs, I will:

  • formulate realistic communication objectives
  • define suitable target groups, including all relevant media
  • identify topics of current interest
  • prepare key messages
  • propose possible communications tools and channels
  • bring additional, interesting ideas to a campaign already ongoing

Although PR strategy is a strategy in and of itself, one should not forget during its formulation that this is just one component of the company’s overall strategy. Moreover, if it does not come to life and find support among the company leadership and any experts that should represent it, then it is only a scrap of paper. That means it is absolutely crucial to systematically manage the entire communication process with defined target groups.

Politico: Tunnels will always have some risks inspite the progress, said Balthaus, Hochtief

Hans-Georg Balthaus, Hochtief Engineering´s CEO, discussed with Josh Posaner, Politico, the risks on tunneling projects in Europe. He has worked on Gotthard, the world´s longest traffic tunnel that will be open on Dec 11.

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New client - University of Ostrava

In May, I won the first customer in the area of education. It is the University of Ostrava (OU). Since March, it has been leading by new rector Jan Lata who has the big plans with it - to get OU among the top3 choices of each candidate on university studies in the country. I would like to help him to achieve this goal as soon as possible.

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