Crisis communications

This is a type of communications for which most Czech and Slovak companies are not prepared. My advice: if you make a mistake, acknowledge it as soon as possible and then take remedial steps (few will remember it after a few days because the media always has new issues to digest). It is important to be cautious and to identify in advance any possible problems that could erupt into an open crisis and endanger your reputation. I will teach you how to proceed in such situations. In case of a media attack, I offer you:

  • help with establishing a crisis team and plan to minimize negative impacts on your business and customers
  • a proposal for the most appropriate communication with employees, business partners, and journalists
  • formulation of key messages and preparation of a press statement
  • preparation of a crisis manual for future needs
  • media representation (acting as spokesperson), if the need exists
  • round-the-clock service for the first two days

Mobility revolution puts Brussels under pressure

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Slovak women buy what is the best for them, said Maresova

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