Case study – Softec Group

Starting situation

Softec Group is an important IT organization serving the Central European market. It implements projects for leading companies in the banking, finance, telecommunications and public administration sectors. Although it has been operating in these sectors since the 1990s, until the start of 2012 it had only communicated with selected expert media in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. At that time, few people knew that it stands among the best Slovak IT companies, that it is the working home of numerous experts, and that it deals with such media-appealing topics as smartphone banking, computerization in health care, and mGovernment.

Considering its progressive growth and development in the market, Softec Group decided to begin cooperating with an external PR consultant. The objective was to increase the group’s visibility in both its main markets and especially through those business media followed also by users of its solutions. Emphasis was given to a long-term communication strategy which would use appropriate tools to describe the company’s philosophy, key personnel, business topics, and current IT trends. A study on the future of banking distribution channels was the first step which launched the group’s more intensive media coverage.


The group entrusted the media presentation of this study to an external PR consultant whose task was to approach all important media on both markets with the objective of increasing awareness of the company’s existence and the topics it covers, and thus to connect the Softec brand with the given subject matter. This meant, among other things, preparing a press release with high information value, presenting it to key journalists in both countries, and subsequently offering them the possibility to obtain additional information in the form of an interview, commentary or article. The acquired opportunities were finally directed to two main media faces associated with the study, one in the Czech Republic and one in Slovakia.


The study caught the interest of a number of media outlets (e.g. Czech Television, Czech News Agency, Hospodářské noviny daily, or Bankovnictví monthly). In total, it drew more than 30 media hits. The press release itself generated about 20 quotations, and we subsequently received another 11. Interest in long-term cooperation was expressed by, for example, the Slovak magazines Trend and INFOWARE. Having successfully established cooperation with key journalists, the group today is also approached by the media regarding other topics (e.g. mobile applications, mobile payments, employee development, new projects and trends). As a result of more intensive communication in the media, Softec’s brand awareness increased in both markets. The group has itself confirmed that, due to the new PR strategy, it is today better able to approach clients and job applicants and thus to build a brand which people can associate with specific activities and individuals.

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