Who I am and what I offer

I am an independent consultant offering advice and training in PR and communications. I specialize in formulating and executing PR strategies, media relations, external and internal corporate communications, and media training. As needs arise, I am available for crisis communications or, during periods of key changes, I can take over full responsibility as an interim PR manager for corporate communications or for a specific project.

My services are offered to companies and individuals active in the Czech and Slovak republics that want to improve their reputations or are interested in communicating effectively with their target groups to build awareness for their brands. I can also organize communication with media in other markets, such as Austria, Germany, Poland, Great Britain and France. For large projects, I am able to join forces with leading experts in other areas (business coaching, marketing, social networking, search engine optimization, among others) and thus put together an efficient team that will meet the client’s expectations.

My experience

I progressively accumulated my nearly 19 years of professional experience working in newspapers, a PR agency, and both local and global companies.

Since 2010, I have been working as an external PR consultant for top Czech, Slovak and international companies in the areas of auditing, fraud investigation, information technology, legal services, mobile technology, accounting, as well as management and HR consulting. As a strategic advisor, I am directly connected to the top managers of these companies, which enables me to influence their overall presentation to their various publics. After four years of business as a natural person, I have decided to start operating on the market also as a legal entity under the name Pavel Safranek Ltd.

What you can expect

This experience has permitted me to observe communication issues from all possible angles, to know the Czech and Slovak business environment, to understand the principles of business, and most importantly to acquire a wide range of personal contacts among journalists, prominent company managers, and experts in various areas. I use my contacts and seasoned know-how to the client’s advantage in order actively to advocate for his or her interests while providing strategic insight as an advisor and not merely as a services provider.

Because of my knowledge of the media environment, I am able to bring clients an effective mix of communications tools that will generate the desired media visibility or deliver key messages to target groups. We will thereby achieve:

  • heightened awareness of the company, its products and services among those target groups in which the company is most interested
  • reinforcement of public trust in the company, personnel and brand in the eyes of customers (research shows PR to be 7× more trusted than advertising)
  • indirect support for the client’s business and increased brand value (as well as a better negotiating position in dealing with business partners, as they will already know it from the media)
  • a positive impression that the company is active and engaged


Pavel Šafránek

An independent PR consultant with many years of experience in the media and communications. Since 2010, he has provided PR counselling to top Czech, Slovak and international companies from such various sectors as auditing, forensic services, IT, legal services, HR consulting, accounting, telecommunications, and management consulting. As a strategic advisor, he is directly connected to the top managers of these companies, thus allowing him to influence their overall presentation to their various publics. His special expertise encompasses PR strategy, media relations, corporate communications, and reputation management.

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